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The Story Behind the Shots

Smiling Hockey Players

A friend of mine indicated that he prefers my football photos to my hockey photos because hockey photos have less facial expression.  

I do agree with him on this and it’s due in large part to the cages on their helmets.  So it’s nice to get some shots with their helmets off, whether it’s in pre-game warmups or at other times.  

Here’s a shot of Mark Estapa during Michigan’s Hockey team pre-game warmup routine:

Mark Estapa Michigan Hockey
Mark Estapa Michigan Hockey

This was shot with the Sony A9 and the TTArtisan 11mm F2.8 fisheye lens.  I have used this lens much more than I thought I would and everytime I show some of my photos from it to other people, I get really positive responses.  And for about $200, that is soooo cheap in today’s camera world. 

I’ll be posting other photos utilizing this lens in future blog posts.

The photo below of Steven Holtz doing his tape job was taken with the Sony A9 and the 135 F1.8 lens.  

Steven Holtz Michigan Hockey
Steven Holtz Michigan Hockey

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